Shannon (BA Psychology UNCC), a Certified Hyperbaric Technician and an experienced patient coordinator for HBOT clinics, trained extensively under Bob Sands and opened the first Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic in the greater Charlotte area in 2008. Brian, a retired firefighter with 26 years of service, holds an NC EMT certification (since 1986), a National CHT in Hyperbaric Medicine and a Safety Director Certification in Hyperbarics.

The Pridmores’ interest in Hyperbaric Medicine began from a need to assist their daughter Gracie, born with severe neurological and developmental challenges, and, after using the Sands Series III for nearly a decade, decided to devote their time to introducing their “favourite” hyperbaric chamber to the wider medical community – and Premier Hyperbarics was founded.

They realize the importance of educating the public, doctors, nurses, parents, and caregivers about HBOT, as they know first-hand that it is a life-changing therapy.

Shannon says:

“We are so excited about finally opening Premier Hyperbarics and Healthcare. We are especially proud to have developed a 501c3 non-profit foundation to fund hundreds of treatments from donations and fundraising events to provide grants and subsidies to the many special needs and/or seriously ill children and adults who can be helped by therapies that create phenomenal changes in quality of life.

Our mentor Robert Lyne Sands (‘Sandsie’) was part of the Hyperbaric Community for over 30 years. He was an innovator, a bio-medical designer, and a devoted clinician with a love for children.

We are fully committed to continuing Sandsie’s special brand of treatment that included lashings of love and humour.

He was an avid science writer and went to great lengths to make his knowledge of HBOT freely available in language that everyone can understand – www.hboinfo.com