Sands is the designer and patent holder of an innovative mobile hyperbaric chamber, the “TRCS S-200”, used fleet-wide by the United States Navy, Marine Corp. and Coast Guard. The eight-year research and development phase of this transportable chamber system began in 1982. During this period he attended many of the Worlds’ foremost hyperbaric research facilities and worked with the U.S. Navy on a collaboration basis. In 1987, the South Pacific Undersea Medicine Society, (whose membership is usually reserved for physicians and full-time hyperbaric researchers) awarded Sands full membership.

Robert Lyne Sands has lifetime membership in the International Congress of Hyperbaric Medicine.

Sands became closely involved in the treatment of many “investigational” illnesses using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. These ailments included HIV/AIDS fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme Disease, stroke, autism spectrum disorders. He then focussed on brain damage caused by traumatic concussion – the signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan War.

The Sands Series III was granted FDA approval in 1998, and is fast-approaching 20 years of continued use.

Sands’ professional experience not only included decades of hands-on work in these “investigational” areas of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, he also had more than twenty years of clinical experience in patient treatments for the conditions “approved” by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. He lectured extensively to Defense, emergency response groups, specialist physicians and patient groups in Australia, the United States, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

With his love of medical science and genuine desire to make HBOT readily available – Sands became a pioneer in this medicine and is acknowledged as such by medical scientists from around the world.

Dr. Beatrice Golumb, M.D. PhD. Professor of Medicine. UCSD 2011 – a prolific research scientist who has published more than 40 peer-review papers, 22 abstracts and technical reports and who has authored and published five books, wrote:

“Robert Sands is one of only about five licensed manufacturers of HBOT machines in the US, with extensive experience in clinical hyperbaric treatment, whose expertise will be an exceptional asset to this project. He has designed and manufactured HBOT machines for the US, Australia, Britain, Thailand, and many other nations, for naval/military use, civilian diving use, and medical use. He has the theoretical understanding of HBOT therapy that derives from intimate involvement in the process of designing and manufacturing these machines. He has the practical experience that derives from running a set of HBOT centers, and personally overseeing greater than 20,000 hours of HBOT sessions over 35 years”.

Typical of the many emails from some of the thousands of patients who have been successfully treated in his chambers – Murray H R writes:

“If ‘thank you’ adds to your life span, then Bob will be pushing 150 and still walking the beaches of Hawaii. He has shown more caring and understanding toward his fellow man than the critics who, with ignorance, put down a life-altering medical treatment.”


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